Young adults who are looking to advance their leadership qualities, make a positive change, build relationships based on trust and integrity and develop skills that can last a lifetime… here is your chance.

We will be accepting applications from young adults ages 18-24 years old, who live in the Sandwich, Plano, Yorkville and Oswego areas and who are ready to learn leadership qualities and life skills in a work atmosphere. Our focus will be on education, improving life skills and helping to secure employment with the goals of being self-sufficient, handling responsibility and further developing communication skills.

We will also be accepting applications from boys and girls ages 13-18 years old who currently reside in the Sandwich, Plano, Yorkville and Oswego areas. Depending on the application results, these children will be paired with weekly mentoring sessions to learn responsibility, leadership and a variety of skills, including but not limited: music training, hair and make up art, health and fitness, healthy eating habits, culinary arts and more. These internships can serve as a way to prevent young adults from becoming involved in criminal activity and/or behavior that can lead to addiction.

Internship applicants will fill out an application designed to determine their interests, natural strengths, communication and academic skill levels, as well areas that need improvement.



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