Our vision is a community that recognizes the importance of its leaders working together with young adults to utilize resources and talents in order to provide opportunities, training, and fellowship.

B.A.T.T.L.E Plan
Beating Addiction Through Time Love and Encouragement

  • We will make sure that everyone has access to these resources and opportunities regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation or family income.
  • We will host events based around music, personal testimonies and education that will keep audiences entertained, engaged and inspired.
  • We will provide real world job training for young adults in a wide variety of fields by connecting them with community business owners, religious leaders, business professionals and counselors.
  • We will help guide our youth away from the toxic influences that lead to addiction by giving them the tools to identify possible risks, providing a safe haven for open and healing communication, educating them on real-world consequences and connecting them with wholesome alternatives and professionally trained mentors.
  • By utilizing the resources communities already have available and developing new ones, we will empower groups and individuals to take action and help as a unified force.
  • Our goal is to reach teens of all different backgrounds before they fall into addictive patterns, educate parents about warning signs and connect those that have a testimony with the ones that need to hear it.
  • Under the guidance and teachings of the Gospel of Christ we will use the gifts of compassion, forgiveness, love, honesty, encouragement, patience, prayer and wisdom to work in and through people‚Äôs lives to get to the root issues that cause addiction.
  • We will seek to answer the cry for help, repair damaged relationships and help our youth find a foundation in the love of Christ that leads to a fulfilled life.



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