Help, Sorry, Love began in early 2015 when a close family member of Jon Conover’s took their own life after years of struggling with drug addiction.

This tragedy and loss of life affected family and friends deeply and also brought to light some key issues that needed to be addressed. Friends and family pulled together to discuss the importance of open and honest communication and how it plays a pivotal role in how we deal with struggles. Cultivating good habits early in life can be essential in our growth and ability to overcome adversity and also sets a good example for future generations.

Through his music Jon was inspired to express the idea of how often times the hardest things to say are the very things that can save a life, “I need help, I am sorry and I love you”. Jon Conover’s friends in the music industry gathered together and recorded the song, Help, Sorry, Love that would eventually become the fundamental message of the foundation. Music brings people together and together we can make a difference. We can utilize our talents and testimonies to create a safe haven for people to share their burdens and begin the process of healing. We can inspire our youth to learn from us, inform us and build a strong foundation for the future.

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